Canon Printer Driver Download

Canon printer driver download serves the best purpose behind the printing services. Printing of the colorful images and documents in a proper orientation is supported by the canon printer drivers. Drivers are the applications that make the printing as well as scanning of the documents easy. Nowadays scanning the documents in a proper format to make them look perfect has become easy due to canon in the countries like the United States. To have a proper orientation for the download and installation of the canon printer drivers stay with the content given below. We make sure that the process will help you a lot in installing the Canon printer drivers.

Best way to process canon printer driver download

There are many ways to download the Canon drivers but the best way to download and install them is given below.

To Download canon printer driver download from the official website of the canon

  • Open google chrome on the device of any operating system
  • In the search bar type the link ‘‘ because this is the official website of canon
  • Four options are displayed in front of you and you must select one among them and that option is ‘Setup‘ which is in the red color.
  • Now you have to input/select the model number of your printer of whose drivers you are downloading.
  • For that, there are many steps to select the proper model number/serial number of your printer.
  • The first option is, there is a search bar present right in the center of the webpage. Note the serial number from the backside of the canon printer and paste it there.

canon printer driver download

What is the serial number in canon printers and how to get it

A serial number is the model number of your printer. It makes the printer unique among its type. Generally, the serial number varies from 4 to 8 characters and some characters among them are alphabets i.e. at the start point and numerical at the endpoint. It is printed on the printer box as well as on the printer. The serial number for the printer driver installation is a compulsory code because the canon printer driver download vary from printer to printer.

  • Or else you can select the printer model directly. You will find the list of printer models below the search bar. Generally, the list consists of printers from the newest models to the oldest once.
  • The last method is to select the first characters from the list as well as the last numerical from the next list.
  • After selecting the model number or inputting a new page will arise consisting of the image of your printer as well as a start button.
  • Verify your printer using the image and click on the start button.
  • Now slide the image slider on the next page several times till the ‘2 connect‘ option in the right lower corner appears.
  • Click on it and move on to the next page.
  • On the next page, a download button in the red font will appear and you have to click on it. You can select the operating system on which you are installing the driver. It is located in the left lower corner of your window.
  • Then the download process starts and the application downloads itself on your storage device.
  • The canon printer driver download will finish.
  • Note: Make sure your device and printer are connected.

Steps To Download & Install Canon Printer Drivers

  1. canon printer download driversOpen the download location of your device or simply open the downloads from a web browser.
  2. Then double click on the canon printer driver download application and wait for the setup to run.
  3. An automatic unzipping process will run and the setup window will be on your screen in few seconds.
  4. Click on the start setup option on the appeared setup window.
  5. Now click next and the download process of the desired/ latest software and drivers will start.
  6. Generally, there are 16 applications and supporting applications.
  7. Then click on the next option and select the region as ‘ United States’
  8. And complete the remaining steps. Finally, a Finish button appears, and click on it to finish the installation process.
  9. The drivers will be visible on your screen within few seconds after the process finishes.
  10. This is the actual and the only process to install Canon printer driver download.