– Canon Printer Setup

If you just bought a new printer, then you have to set it up via you are a new or old use of Canon printers, you have to visit the official website of Canon. It offers the most advanced and efficient printing services, smoothening production, and mind-blowing prints. The first thing you have to do when you purchase a new printer or re-setup your existing printing device is to download the printer driver from

Ultimately, Downloading & Installing canon drivers is a must whether you are a home user or an owner of a big company.

Canon printer is a more comprehensive solution for several functions which it is simple to learn like how to install from official guide and receive a better experience.

Here is the official portal that supplies you with Canon goods’ online guides, work info, and much more. official website downloads and sets up measures for  IJ installation needed for the whole setup procedure. So have a look at the additional steps below.

canon printer setup

Setup Canon IJ Printer

Follow the below set of instructions to safely setup your new printer.

  • First, open your device(Pc Or Laptop).
  • Then connect your printer to your device via wired or wireless connection.
  • After that, Open a browser (Edge, Chrome).
  • Now enter the link in the search bar.
  • You will see the official portal.
  • After that, click on the gear icon and wait for the system response. It will ask you to enter the model number.
  • Now hit enter, then your canon printer setup files will start downloading.

Where to find your Canon printer model

The model number usually found at the backside of your printer. But in some models, the serial code is written at the top front or on the side panel.

Now you have the canon printer setup files, let’s start the driver installation process.

Install printer drivers through

  1. Download Printer drivers: Goto and download the driver according to your printer model number.
  2. Select connection type: Double-click on the icon and choose your connection type (USB or Wireless).
  3. Power On your Printer: Turn your printer on by pressing the power button.
  4. Wireless Connection: To turn on the printer’s WIFI, press the WIFI alarm button.
  5. Confirm Connection: If you see the flashing lights (green & blue), then your printer is connected.
  6. Read Term & Agree: Now click on the “I agree” button to proceed with the installation.
  7. Final steps: click on the finish button to complete the installation process.

Setup Canon printer with USB

If you cannot locate your printer by any issue, you can connect your printer with the USB cable which comes with your printer. Follow the below steps carefully to set up your printer.

  1. Open any web browser on your device and go to the web link:
  2. Choose your connection type as USB.
  3. Now connect your printer with your device by plug-in the USB cable and click on next.
  4. After that, click on the “Add Printer” button.
  5. Then go to the device settings option and open the LAN setting to choose the connection.
  6. After selection, click on install drivers.
  7. Now configure your printer and make a test

Printer Troubleshooting –

Now, the Canon printer drivers is completed. You do not need much experience to perform this task, and anyone can master this setup. Whether you are planning a new or old printer, both wireless setup methods can help you. These days, WIFI connectivity with the printer can make it more efficient.

If the above guide is not working, then you can directly contact the official website for technical guidance. You can also get offline help facilities.

Printout Procedure using the canon printer

Now let us start with the further procedure in the installation of the printer i.e. to take a printout through the printer. To take a printout one has to look after various parameters after buying a printer. These parameters include Unboxing the product as well as sorting the various component, Downloading the drivers necessary, Installing the drivers, Loading the cartilage and drum, loading print papers, and the actual printout procedure. The first 3 steps are explained earlier. Now let’s see the further steps.

Loading the cartilage as well as a drum

  • It is a simple and easy process. Everything in this process is ready but the only problem occurs when the ink in the cartilage dries up.
  • When you unbox the printer for the first time, there are chances that the cartilage and the drum of the printer are not pre-installed in it. So you have to do those things.
  • Unbox the cartilage as well as a drum from the respective boxes.
  • Then there is a tray in the drum where there is a space to place the cartilage in it.
  • Make sure the cartilage completely fits into the drum space.
  • provides readymade cartilage with ink already placed in it.
  • Now put the drum with the cartilage into the drum space of the printer.
  • To do this open the upper cover of the printer and the shield of the printer. There you will see a space with two inclined lines.
  • Place the two ends over the two inclined lines and push the drum tray at an angle of 45 degrees.
  • The drum dray is slanted and places itself over the space.
  • Make sure after you place the drum a small knock sound appears. This sound confirms that the drum and the cartilage are placed well in their place.

Loading print papers in the printer

Some minute mistakes take place while you have a printout such as misplacing the paper. These mistakes lead to the displacement of the print from the desired place. So to avoid these type of the mistake the proper loading of the papers in the tray is mandatory. We provide the proper procedure to load the papers in the tray.

  • Open the front paper tray cover from your printer and observe all the marks available on the printer tray.
    Now slightly pull the paper supporter towards your side and make sure that the pulling does not harm any part of the printer
  • Then open the pack or rim of the paper and make sure that the papers are not stuck to one another. If you observe such a thing then take the rim and bend it from both edges several times.
  • Now look at the mark of the pile of the paper in the paper tray and fill the papers in such a way that the mark remains visible to you.
  • Now see both the edges of the paper which are at the rear side so that they are not bent. This may lead to the paper jam condition.
  • Then look at the sides of the paper and adjust the side-adjuster according to the size of the paper. Don’t push it roughly as it will bend the sides of the paper and there will be a dome in between. This may lead to a misprint or else sometimes there will be no print.
  • Put the front adjuster and push the tray slightly behind so that there will be no bent in between.
  • This finishes the loading of the papers into the tray. Go for the print as it is explained in the steps given below.

The Actual printout procedure through the PC or Laptop

When all the things necessary for the print are ready and the printer is ready to take the printout than the process of taking the printout comes. This includes management of the driver as well as setting the print parameters.

  • Turn on the printer as well as the device such as Pc or Laptop from which you are going to give a print protocol.
  • Connect the wire to the printer. Make sure that there is no interruption between the printer’s printing site
  • Now open any document whether it is in pdf format, word format, excel format, PowerPoint slides, or any other format.
  • There is a file section in the left upper corner of the word, excel, or PowerPoint files or there is a direct pint option available in the pdf format.
  • If you do not find the print option among any options on the screen, simply press ‘Ctrl + P‘.
  • A window will appear which will consist of a list for the selection of the printer, the number of pages to print, orientation of the print, Colourful or black and white print, margins of the print as well as the number of the copies to print.
  • After selecting the appropriate options listed in the print section, a demo page of the print will display on the right side of the screen.
  • It will indicate the form and how your print is going to display.
  • Now simply click on the print option and the printer will start printing the desired document.
  • This is all about the printing procedure from the device with (Pc or Laptop).

Connect Mobile (Android System) to the printer

Components required to connect a mobile phone with a printer

  • First of all the main thing needed is a smart wifi printer series.
  • Connection of the mobile phone to the printer requires a wireless connection and the wireless connection establishment is done through a router.
  • So the main thing needed to connect the mobile and printer is the wifi router with a stable wifi connection.
  • A smart Android Mobile Phone with wifi support.
  • Papers loaded in the printer.

Steps to follow for the connection of printer with Wi-Fi

  • Turn on the wifi router. Make sure the router is at a quite comfortable distance from the printer as there will be less probability or error to occur.
  • Now turn on the printer switch as well as the mobile phone.
  • Now you will see a button named ‘Wi-Fi‘ in between the various buttons present on the printer nearby the display.
  • Tap the button and hold the press for up to 5-6 seconds till the blinking of the button takes place.
  • After the required time the blinking of the button will start as the button is transparent. The blinking will be mainly of green color. This confirms that the printer is ready for the wireless connection
    Then tap on the ‘Settings‘ buttons available near the wifi button on the printer.
  • After tapping on the Settings option observe the screen available on the printer. There you will see a settings option.
  • Press the ok button on the printer. Now the sub-tabs under the settings tab will open.
  • Scroll down with several down arrow button clicks and then find the option ‘Network Settings‘. Press the ok button again when you are right on it.
  • Then find the option ‘LAN network connection‘. Press ok.
  • See the Wi-Fi option in the LAN network and press ok.
  • Now you will see a list of options of the wifi networks available in front of you on the printer screen.
  • Then select your appropriate wifi connection through which you are going to connect the printer with mobile.
  • Click the ok button when you are in front of your wifi option.
  • Consecutively fill up the password details in the given space.
  • You can put the letters starting from capital letters, small letters to the numerical using the down and up arrow key.

To download as well as install the printer application

  • First, make sure that your mobile or android device is using wifi connection. If not then go in the wifi options and select the wifi name, enter the password as well as click on the connect option.
  • The wifi will connect automatically to your mobile device.
  • Now go to the apps option and search for the application name ‘Play Store’.
  • Open the play store and in the upper right corner of the play store click on the search option and search for the application named Inkjet‘.
  • A list of drivers will open. select the first driver application from the list and tap on it.
  • Then click on the install option available below the name of the application.
  • The installation process of the application will start after you tap on it and it will take some time to complete the downloading.
  • After downloading the application, the application will install automatically by itself.
  • When the installation completes then open the application by tapping on it. This is to make sure that the application is installed successfully and no error has occurred.

Canon Printer Mobile application

Canon mobile application aim is to simplify the process to give a printout from any corner of the wifi surveillance. The type of printout taken is wireless and this is the only reason why the printers are so popular in the united states.

  • Tap on the application of the canon printer driver download on your mobile screen to open it.
  • As you tap on the application you will see an agreement. Click on the agree button and proceed further.
  • Then allow the browser to use your device gallery and location.
  • If the wifi of your mobile phone is disconnected then a notification will pop-up which will ask to enable the wifi connection.
  • Then a pop-up will appear which will ask for searching a printer connected to the wifi network. Click on the yes opinion and the search will start automatically.
  • Make sure that the printer and mobile using the same WIFI connection.
  • The printer’s name will display in front of you. Click on the connect option and the printer will connect to the mobile phone.
  • Now simply pick up any document file and in the options click on the print option. There are various alignment options available in the print section and click on the print option.
  • The printer will finally give the proper print according to your need as well as location.

canon ij setup mobile application

Features of Canon printers (

If we want to give a print command to the printer we don’t require to connect it to pc or any other device. Now we can command a print via app or driver that is wireless connectivity. Various apps are built for  printers. Apps can be installed and connected to the  printer and a print command can be given. Drivers can be installed and connected.

In canon printers, they have made it easy to replace the finished cartridge. The cartridges are provided with the printer so that you don’t need to buy them separately. When the cartridges finish then you need to buy a new one. The ink is in powder form as well as liquid form. But powder form is more affordable if you don’t use the Printer daily. People using printer daily generally use liquid cartilage printers

Recently the canon printers come with the best feature in it i.e wireless connectivity in it. The plus point of it is that you can give an order for print from anywhere near to its range.
You get this feature inbuilt in it. It automatically searches for device connectivity.

The one of the top features of canon printer is printing speed. Some printers require time to print. But recently printers provide fast speed on command. The speed quality is 10 prints each minute. This feature is applied for both colors as well as a black and white print.